Wednesday, February 03, 2010

through the wardrobe

Josh and Juden are almost done with the third book in The Chronicles of Narnia series. They both look forward to snuggling up every night to read, and when they finish a book they watch the movie together. Who can blame him; the stories have captivated adults and children alike for decades. They are magical, from stepping through the wardrobe to the wintry world of talking animals, to the battles for freedom from the tyranny of the White Witch, to the fierce love of Aslan, the King Lion. When Juden likes something he is not half-hearted about it. So he is all about Narnia everything, and of course, asked to have Narnia party. We made a cardboard wardrobe that you could step through to the Narnia living room with snow covered tree limbs and strung snowflakes. There was Turkish delight and pin the tail on Mr. Tumnus. I was the White Witch, but a very non-menacing one. Sir Juden the valiant loved it. And I almost forgot, right in time for our Narnia party we got more snow than I ever remember seeing around here. It was beautiful and magically Narnian both inside and out.

Her are a few from our date to the tea room yesterday.


Christine said...

you are the coolest mom!!

Cindy said...

You and Josh are such wonderful parents!Your children are very blessed!

2 things more ~ 1) where did you get his shield? (I saw it in one of the pictures in the background.) All the ones I found were too expensive so the boys and I made some but I'd love to buy one for them too. 2) Juden looks like Oliver Twist in that hat drinkin his tea! I LOVE it!

Kelly said...

I can't believe how grown up he is! What a sweet date and an awesome party! (Can I call you when my kids have birthdays?) :)

linda said...

Cindy, the shield was a hand-me-down from his cousin Oak but Jen got him a cool one somewhere. I'll have to ask her.
Kelly, thanks but honestly it was mostly my art-teacher husband who made the wardrobe and the Mr. Tumnus. All I really had to do was bake the cake and hang snow flakes. We didn't have to spend much but those little details made it special for Juden.