Thursday, November 20, 2008

bright spots

Some things that have made me smile lately:
watching Josh and Juden at their easels side by side, painting away a sunny afternoon,

my kids endless fascination with Fall and finding the remnants of their treasure baskets everywhere, Ella's teapot filled with acorns, leaves in the couch and stuck in the windows,

watching the fire leaves fade to warm browns as Autumn starts to breath its last and the stark branches spread like veins through the twilight sky,

chasing daylight but finding more time to curl up and read in front of the fire,

cozy Wednesday breakfasts at Niedlov's watching the city wake up through foggy windows,
my niece, "sweet Sophia" as Juden calls her

finding this lovely scarf in my mailbox, made by a thoughtful friend,

I love the bright spots.