Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Juden has become quite the songbird in our house. His favorites are "Jesus loves me," which he sings, "Jesus loves me, he told me so...", "Jesus loves the little children," and a family lullaby called, "Birdies in the nest." He sings to Ella when she's sad, he sings while he plays and he turns it up and dances like crazy to his cd of sunday school favorites. My husband is something of a musical snob so it's a little funny to me to watch him get used to the whole world of kiddy music. It made me smile to listen to Josh sing song after song at Juden's request last night when he put him to bed. My son has a whole lot of his Papa in him, which makes me happy, but is also exhausting at times. We took the kids to Cloudland Canyon recently and Juden was fearless as he jumped from rock to rock with the same energy and adventure of his dad. So thankful for my men.