Sunday, April 10, 2011


It may happen a little closer to delivery with number four, but none the less it happens. I have this need to have all the tiny clothes all baby fresh and folded, blankets stacked, baby bed ready for the brand new bundle. My sister-in-law gave me a lovely shower last week and it made me so excited. All of my sisters have a knack for details and making things beautiful and this did not fall short of their special touches. There was scrumptious food and little tiny bird accents on a perfect Spring day. I was overwhelmed by the love and prayers of these women for me and my unborn son. My mom shared about Christ's design for motherhood, mothers through out scripture and Jesus' own mother. What a gift to have his new life ushered in, blanketed in prayers and grace.
It's so fun to have a few new things for baby number four as well. Baby boy will stay in our room initially as it has always just been easier with nursing through the night, but he does have his own little corner. When we're ready we'll put the girls together and move him to his own room. Here's a look at some of the giftage. He's one lucky little fellow.

lovely handmade nursing cover and adorable pants and hand-stitched squirrel onesie

people wrote their prayers or verses for him on these cut out birds that now hang in his corner

his very own Amber Cooley-made gnome hat

my four little peas in a pod :)

my sister handmade these little bird books as favors for everyone

Thank you to everyone who made this so meaningful in sharing in the joy of his new life. Okay baby, I think we're ready. There are lots of loving arms awaiting you.