Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Since then..

I am breaking my blogging hiatus, since I realized I started to miss it like an old friend. It really is good for me to write and I see it as a way to remember the goings on of our family since I'm not good at scrap-booking. I really have no reason for my lack of posting lately other than I just haven't been at the computer much at all. Here are some things that have happened since my last post;
1 We had a somewhat steady flow of large quantities of people and children in our house from Aunts, Uncles, cousins, friends, grandparents, musicians, and occasionally my husbands spandex-clad biking crew. Not usually all at the same time, but occasionally, (and that's how we like it, not the men in spandex, the house full of people.)
2 We had a reflective, blessed, chaotic,noisy, yummy,fun, beautiful holiday season.
3 I had a minor surgery on my pinky toe of all things( and let me tell you that little guy can cause a lot of pain.)
4 I was randomly interviewed in the park by Allied Arts. While they filmed I tried to answer questions like "What is art?" while my children yanked on my coat and whined to go on the carousel.
5 I had a date night with my husband and saw Seven Pounds and I cried the whole way home.
6 I went to the Mountain Opry with some friends. It's a quirky little place up on signal Mountain. It's a bit of a cross-cultural experience where mostly old people have a ridiculously good time playing blue grass and joking in southern accents that I can barely understand. I don't listen to much blue-grass but watching them play can't help but make you smile.
7 Visited the Terminal Brew house which used to be an old hotel for the Chattanooga Choo-Choo and then a brothel and is now quite a nice three story pub.
8 Enjoyed some lovely times with women that are dear to me.
9 Answered a series of strange obsessive questions from Juden like, "When is Barack Obama coming over?", "Where is Barack Obama's house? Cause I made him this picture.", "What does Barack Obama eat for dinner?"
10 Thought and prayed and discussed homeschooling Juden for Kindergarten.
11 Tried not to let the barren trees and freezing cold seep into my bones. Recently felt like I had a little case of winter time blues. But the blue skies today are a welcome sight, now if only I wasn't such a wuss about the cold.

12 Dreamed about the beach and what to do for our tenth wedding anniversary.
13 Took some bundled up walks with the kids (yes that is a woman's fur on Josh, what can I say, he couldn't find his coat.)

14 Took Naya to the dentist after she chipped her two front teeth on the bath tub.
14 Looked forward to a brand new year and thinking through all the things I want to change and try to do better by God's grace.
15 Marveled at how my kids are sprouting too rapidly.