Friday, September 17, 2010

these boots

Sisters, mama's boots, a mirror and some music equals very good times.

So I've been a tad elusive in the blog world as of late but I do have a perfectly good reason.
It went like this: The kids were in bed, a record was spinning, candles and a living room dance and this little picture tucked in my waist... his surprise, a hug and tears.

I had been keeping a wonderful secret. We have a new little one in the making and we are absolutely thrilled and so very thankful for this new life inside me. Having my other three kids in three years was wonderful but a bit of a baby making whirlwind. I have had enough of a break that I am excited to drink in every minute of this crazy, miraculous process, even if the last several weeks have been spent in a fog of exhaustion and nausea. The kids are ecstatic about it and Juden immediately said it was just what he was praying for and he had been. He's hoping for a brother. We've seen the ultrasound and heard the heartbeat and can't wait to meet this one who is due in April right in time for Spring and at the same time our very first was due. Amazing.