Wednesday, August 12, 2009

For the bride to be

I had a feeling postings would get quite scant come August. There have been many stories and moments and musings left unwritten about lately. With family in town and my brother's wedding a week and a half away, it's been a flurry of activity around here. But I had a few minutes and thought I'd post some pictures of the bridal shower at my house last weekend. Trish is aglow with that mysterious bride to be presence. Something like the glad expectation of coming home, truly home to the one you love... I remember those days well, sweet,innocent and unknowing. The shower was given by all of us new sisters. Showers can be a strange thing. I remember feeling a little shy and overwhelmed with all the attention and being on the receiving end of so much generosity. But they are also such a special way to bond as women, to send a new bride into her marriage embraced in prayer and blessing. There is something so very lovely that happens when women join together to celebrate. Add one pudgy baby to the mix and it's even lovelier. There were women who weren't married and women who had been married for 35 years. Some with marriages full of pain and regret and others full of happiness and healing. As someone shared during the advice giving time, marriage is a good thing, not a perfect thing but a truly blessed by God design. With every lamp and apron and other gift bestowed to help create their physical home, they were saying,"Go, do this thing. This is good." Go into this marriage with love and support and blessing.
I like that take on it, that it is not just about the material stuff, but an expression of love by the giver.
We laughed as Trish recounted how they met and got engaged. I smile to think of the joy she brings my little brother.

The food was decadent, none of which I can take credit for.

Trish practices being a domestic goddess.

I love her easy laughter,her genuine creative spirit and those dimples! Could she be any more adorable? There's just excitement all over the place around here.