Tuesday, November 16, 2010


I'm a bit behind on blogging but I just wanted to check in to say that tomorrow I get to see my little one swimming around on the monitor and find out if it's a he or a she! I'm a little ecstatic. What an amazing gift each of my children are.

On another note I thought I'd share a song Josh and I wrote a few months ago. It's about when I first had Juden. That time was something like magical. After losing our first child in the previous year and wondering if my body would be able to sustain life, having a wriggling beautiful boy was beyond amazing. A little healer he was, given by the real Healer.

As a mom sometimes staying in touch with my creative self is a struggle. But it is still there waiting for those quiet moments to emerge. It comes in spurts. And I suppose it doesn't hurt to have a super creative husband who tells me I can't go to bed until the song is finished :) That is what happened the night we wrote this.
Little Empire by joshua.c.green