Monday, January 31, 2011

art party

My little man is turning seven in just a few days. Last year when Juden turned six he asked for a Narnia party so I wasn't really planning on doing a big party this year. But when he came to me excitedly telling me all about the art party he wanted to have with a Van Gogh cake and lots of things to paint, I could not resist. I knew his art teacher daddy would help make it special and of course he did. Josh made a pin the ear on Van Gogh game (I know, what would Van Gogh have thought?) and Juden and Josh made sure they told the kids a little about who he was. Juden has been fascinated with him for quite some time. He's gotten out every book on him the library has and says he was the coolest artist ever. I wasn't sure about a Van Gogh cake but you know, you can find anything on Google. After lots of icing and food coloring he was thrilled with his starry night cake. The kids painted a mural and made pinch pots and got Van Gogh tattoos. Juden loved all of it.
January is a strange month. We were covered in ice and snow a few weeks ago but last weekend for his party it was like an early spring; plenty of sunshine, mid-sixties and no jackets needed. And less paint inside the house for mama to clean up:)
I felt so thankful for Juden's passion for art and creating, and thankful for his daddy's part in that. They love to draw together and Juden fills sketch books as fast as we give them to him. Here's a beautiful song to honor a beautiful artist. Here's to my little artist in the making.

I found this little monster ballerina under the table after the party, covered in blue making her own creations out of the leftover cake.