Thursday, February 24, 2011


To Naya Faith~ on the occasion of your fourth birthday.
How are you four already? It has been a wonderful year of watching you grow and change. I can't go anywhere without being asked if you and Ella are twins. You are the exact same size. Your long golden curls make you look like such a big girl and you've got the cutest dimple in your chin. You are a free spirit, independent and strong yet sensitive. You love feeling big and working in your school book while I'm home schooling Ella. You love to dance and draw and you started your first ballet class this year. You've got a style of your own which usually includes tulle,something sparkly and cowboy boots. You seem to think mommy's favorite thing is laundry and would change clothes about five times a day if you had your way. I can almost never get you to wear pants. You've got a fiery temper and are quite the opinionated little lady. You love being with your friends and cousins but you and Ella are best buds. You can't wait for your turn to be a big sister. You can't say your R's and have a slight speech impediment which is pretty endearing. I thank God for entrusting your precious spirit with our family and can't wait to see what adventures this new year will bring for you. Three has been an amazing year, watching the gentle budding from toddler to little girl and discovering more of just who God made you. I love your laugh and your deep coffee eyes, your pouty scowl, silly sense of humor, the way you love your daddy and a million other little things. I love being your mama, my precious wild girl.

ballet party

Naya hadn't really had a real birthday party before but this year she know what it was all about and exactly what she wanted. She asked for a ballet party so we pulled out tutus and music and plenty of pink and she was one happy girl. Her big cousin Meadow even taught some basic steps and positions. There's something so precious about all those round little bellies in leotards. Happy four baby girl.