Wednesday, December 15, 2010


Since when did time go into warp-speed directly following Thanksgiving? I'm still trying to catch up to the fact that we are in mid-December. Time to catch up a bit. Suffice it to say, I've been pretty busy lately, busier than I'd like to be. I am realizing that while I love all of the things I'm committed to, I have a tendency to over-commit. I think I was so sick in my first trimester I was trying to make up for lost time. As a home-schooling pregnant mom of three, sometimes it doesn't work. Then I stop and breath and try to figure what are the things God wants me to do?
Fall has long since breathed her last and slipped into a freezing December. We had a wonderful full month.

For several years now I have spent the anniversary of my dad's death with my family on a mountain trail called Rock Town. This year marked six years since I've seen him and there's something about being surrounded by God's face in nature that brings peace to that place of sorrow. All of our paces seem to slow as we take in the fading colors of the season and the musty smell of the earth and decaying leaves. I watch my kids climb and explore and play and I remember him... who used to watch me just like I'm now watching them. And the missing is as fresh as the last time I held his hand.

Below is every single one of his grandchildren.We got to spend Thanksgiving week with my sister and family from NJ. With my mom and siblings and a few friends we've adopted into our family we had 28 total for dinner, and so very much to be thankful for.

A few other changes; my boy is almost halfway through his first year of school and he is sprouting faster than I can believe. Here's a shot of his sleepy self about to go to school in the dark cold morning. I can't lie I miss him tons every day but he is doing wonderful.
And lastly, the belly is growing and the little one swimming and nudging my insides is indeed a boy! I had sensed this all along, always saying "he" when I prayed for him and referred to him. I didn't really have a preference although Juden did pray for a brother every night. We are so excited to see who this little guy will be.

Okay, now that I have caught up a little hopefully I can find the time to write about how we are enjoying this precious season of Advent.