Sunday, September 10, 2006

Well...we are finally getting on the blogging bandwagon, and hopefully it will help us stay in touch with folks a little better. We have had an eventful summer and it's been great in a lot of ways and hard in some others. It was nice having Josh around during the days. I guess time off in summers is one of the luxuries being a teacher affords, also the opportunity to tour. Josh kept up a pretty full schedule of regular shows and played several festivals including Bonnaroo, Smilefest, Riverbend, PAPAfest, Camp Bisco V, and Cornerstone. Anyway here are some pics of some summer highlights.

In late April we enjoyed a lovely seaside holiday with the fam in Florida.

Our lil girl, Ella, turned one in June. Here she is now trying to figure out
the whole walking thing.

One more highlight is that we found out there will be baby Green #3 arriving around the time that Juden turns 3 in February!