Friday, August 26, 2011

*Love&War&the Sea in Between*

"I’m holding on to the hope that one day this could be made right.
I’ve been shipwrecked, and left for dead, and I have seen the darkest sights.
Everyone I’ve loved seems like a stranger in the night
But Oh my heart still burns, tells me to return, and search the fading light
~Josh Garrels~

Speaking of my favorite things, this album which was released this summer means more to me than words can express. He has long been one of my favorites for the intricate beauty of his instrumentation but mostly for the transparency of his soul in that trembling, holy place between our raw humanity to redemption, to being made new. I love redemption stories. It's my story too, and his songs tell it over and over. I spent many nights drinking in the words to these songs through falsetto that makes one ache, strings and beats, to spoken word. I could not be more proud that my husband had the privilege of collaborating on this amazing musical offering and played the drums on several tracks. Have I mentioned lately that I'm married to the most incredible man ever?

I found a great review in Christianity Today. Here is some of what they had to say:
"Garrels isn't afraid to question life's murky mysteries: "Tempted and tried, I wondered why / The good man died, the bad man thrives / And Jesus cries because he loves 'em both" ("Farther Along"). He calls out unjust human institutions: "I was born into a system constructed for failure / It's a sinking ship manned by drunken sailors" ("The Resistance"). And he liberally draws nature metaphors and celebrates friendship, beauty, grace, and love both human and heavenly. It's hope and redemption that ultimately win the day in these epics.
In keeping with his true indie spirit, Garrels is giving away free Love & War & The Sea In-Between, along with any income it generates. "We were so provided for during the making of this album, by both God and men, that it seems appropriate to give away as freely as we received," he explains. That leaves no excuse to miss this gorgeous collection that will surely stand up as one of the year's best."
~ From Christianity Today Magazine~

This is poetry, humanity, truth, struggle and beauty put to music and it is way too good not to share. So go download the whole album for free right here:
I think Farther Along and Ulysses are my favorites but the album is gorgeous as a unified whole.
It needs to be listened to all by itself with out distractions. My suggestion is get a blanket, headphones, find some moonlight and be blessed.

Mason Jar Music Presents... Josh Garrels from Mason Jar Music on Vimeo.