Friday, December 16, 2011



"Light your candles quietly, such candles as you possess, wherever you are."

There is a quietness starting to settle over me. A mindfulness to turn my eyes toward the milky winter skies filled with the barren tangled arms of trees. There is a need to hush some of the cacophony of the season a bit and reflect. There is this longing that comes with worship during Advent. This miracle that still brings a tremble upon uttering, that He who formed the galaxies with words, made himself low, put on skin. It was all for love...a love that has completely undone me. That in the mess that is my ragged, broken heart, He has come to dwell. So I remember He who came as a babe and long for Him who will come again to crush all darkness, disease and pain. That manger King who came into the stench and dirt will make all things new.