Monday, July 20, 2009

red shoe days

This happy family of sun flowers greets me from my garden each day. I love their proud thick stalks and delicate sunshiny petals. Already lots of their heads are drooping. Sometimes I sit and watch them bow and sway in the wind like those few tipsy dancers that linger in the bar when the show is over. I like how E.E Cummings said, "The earth laughs in flowers."

I love finding perfect summer cottony dresses at the thrift store for the girls.

I love how happy these hand-me-down, two sizes too big red shoes make my girl. Most days, she rubs sleep from her eyes, still in her night gown and immediately slips her feet into the soft worn leather. She's ready to start her day now that her feet are in her favorite red shoes.

I had a few days of being in a bit of slump. Feeling a bit slapped around by goals unmet, lists of things undone, and piles of clutter that I should have organized growing bigger. Anyway when I saw these little red slippers for under ten bucks I couldn't resist. I think my girl just might have something with her red shoe fetish, I feel just a little bit brighter in mine.

Lately I've been listening to this and this School of the Seven Bells song over and over. Every note moves me and I wish when I sang it sounded like this.