Monday, July 14, 2008

summer loves

I must just say how much I love summer, deep in my bones. It used to mean long days of bike-riding and firefly catching in the less humid NJ heat. Plenty of trips to Ocean City, eating the best Italian water ice, summer camp romances and so many sleep overs at my best friends house that I should have paid rent. Now I see it through my kids' eyes and I hope to help create some of what I remember. Which is just the wonder in the most ordinary moments of life. Do we ever fully grow up? I still feel the same excitement when the days get longer, or when I get caught in a surprise thunder storm or that deep contentment snuggling up with Juden with a heap of books after a long day of play.
One major change is that those endless summer days I remember with the occasional pockets of pleasant boredom are definitely no more. This summer is flying by. I'm trying to exercise more and working on a musical project with a good friend and I'm sure some things have fallen to the wayside. It's been busier than I'd like. I can barely tear my husband away from his summer project which I'll post about soon.
But I have been cherishing these sun-shiny days with my loves, the friendship of some of the most beautiful women ever, tending my flowers and pushing aside the thought that it is somehow a frivolous luxury as I marvel at the silky-petaled symmetry and perfection of my Fathers creations.

My very favorite part of the day is just before sunset when the shadows are long the day is calming down and coming to a close and everything drips with the golden hue of twilight.