Sunday, June 27, 2010


How quickly we go from this to this to now, my big five year old girl! This week Ella turned five and I didn't get to post about it yet since our Internet has been down but we have been doing quite a bit of celebrating.
My summer baby, June bug. You had a early breakfast date with daddy and chose a pink velvet cape. We spent the day with Nana and some cousins having a picnic and playing in water downtown and going to your favorite museum. I can't believe you're big enough but daddy is teaching you how to ride your big girl bike. You can't wait to join Daddy and Juden. You are so proud of yourself but we are not quite ready to take off the training wheels yet. This week you insisted I cut your hair short like Dovey's and I reluctantly snipped off about 4 inches and my, now you really look like a five year old. You are still pretty little though and everywhere we go people ask if you and Naya are twins. You are such a good big sister to Naya and little sister to Juden. God placed you in such a perfect spot in our family. You are my little artist drawing constantly on everything; butterflies, rainbows, sun shines and faces. I adore them and you love to give them away. This year you learned ballet and had your first crush. You decided you loved Pa from Little House on the Prairie (and I must say, I approve.) Even though we'll miss Juden when he goes to school this year, I am looking forward to having days with just my little women and teaching you kindergarten. Some days my heart misses my little dimpled baby Ella, but I am so proud of the little girl God is making you. You bring me so much delight with your gentle spirit, my quiet little one who takes in everything softly, noticing, with wonder. My little bird, I love you.