Saturday, May 30, 2009


This weekend we celebrate ten years of marriage and I can hardly believe that is possible. Of course it has made me reflective of this time ten years ago, who we were and what we were doing. God has been good and held us together these ten years by his grace. Marriage can come under attack from so many directions, and it really is hard work. We have learned and grown so much along the way and hopefully will continue to do so. A few things that I have learned: that it is so much easier to love when you study your partner and how they need to be loved instead of being more concerned about having your own needs met. Talk to each other about everything. Feelings of romance come and go, choose to act in love and kindness regardless. Protect your marriage, it is sacred. Try to see your partner like Jesus sees them, be compassionate, we are all in the same messed up boat. Go to bed at the same time whenever possible. Laugh a ton, Josh is great at making this happen when I really want to be mad at him. Make time for your marriage no matter how much you keep procreating. Occasionally sit down and talk til you finish a bottle of wine together. Dance whenever possible, under the bridge, in the kitchen, in the street. Write each other love letters even though you live in the same house.
I like to celebrate milestones and so I thought I'd sing a song I love to Josh and make a slide show so if you can't take the lovey-dovey stuff than skip right over
this. I am so thankful for this man that has loved me unconditionally, who loves God and life and people, who works hard and is an incredible daddy to our brood. I love him so much it hurts.