Tuesday, August 12, 2008

tea time

If you know anyone from England you probably know that those Brits are serious about their tea. I think I mentioned how my dad would try to urge me and my brothers and sisters to join him for his afternoon, (or morning, evening, or nightcap for that matter)cup of tea. To him it was more than just a little caffeine fix. It was part of what was his home, a few minutes to slow down in a hectic day and sip a hot cupful. Most of time, when the kettle blew, we'd dash back to playing but sometimes we would sit with him and he'd scoop an extra spoon of sugar and milk so we'd like it.

When the girls are resting in the afternoon I have a habit of sitting down with a cup of tea. Lately Juden has been wanting to join me, which seems like a great excuse to make more of an affair out of it. I brew a whole pot and set out some tea biscuits and we chat away in fake British accents which, mind you, Juden is pretty good at. I make his extra sweet and think to myself how it would make my dad smile. And I get it... it is much better than drinking tea alone.

Oh, and if you really want to do tea time right, go visit this place.