Sunday, February 15, 2009

goodbye one

To my darling who today turned two: We gave you an Indian name that means gentleness and we laughed when we saw you with all that black hair and I called you my little papoose. Your brother and sister loved you from the start and still do, but sometimes Ella squeezes you too tight. I love your dark chocolate eyes and the dimple in your chin and how you brush away the wispy hair that falls over your eye and your toothy smile. I love all the sentences you're saying and the puzzled slant of your eyes when you say,"Why Dada?" when he tells you something. You still come to me when you get hurt and say, "kit it" cause you want a kiss. Several times a day you say,"I yuv you mama," and it makes everything better. You are not shy,and when you are mad, you are not quiet about it. You love people and you have a sense of humor all your own. Your comfort habit in twirling a strand of your hair. You do it so much that you form little matted dreads on the back of your head. You tromp around the house with your little backpack on and rain boots, always somewhere to go. You love stories and making the hand motions for butterflies that Nana showed you. You are so proud of the painting you did above the mantle and you are sure to point at it and say,"I paint that." I love the ritual we have when I lay you down of songs and prayers and blowing kisses and how you giggle because you know just how it goes. You don't like your carrier or even the stroller anymore, you just won't have it. You have to walk with Juden and Ella of course. I wonder who you will become someday my precious daughter but for now you are my baby. So if you are sleepy or sad and want to just lay in my arms, I'll take every second. Happy Birthday my love.