Friday, May 01, 2009

many hands...

make light work, sort of.

I've noticed that my kids, especially Ella loves helping me with everything. She drags the stool over and grabs the apron as soon as she sees me cooking. She comes running when she sees a pile of laundry and a favorite task is helping water the garden. It makes me happy to see a helpful spirit but sometimes I sigh, knowing the task may take longer with their help. Ella prefers a wadding up, rolling method so I end up refolding clothes. Many a plant has fallen victim of the entire bucket deluge. When baking, more flour ends up on the child than in the dough and cooking can become a juggling act. With that said I so want to nurture a servant's heart and the desire to work and help. I see how they thrive and shine with pride when given a job (unfortunately not always when asked to do the mundane toy clean up.) But doesn't everybody like to feel needed? Parents can do their children such a disservice by doing everything for them. Kids need to feel a sense of their role and responsibilities, how they fit in to the family and the growing abilities they have, even though it's not always convenient to have their "help." Now, the way she drags her dolls around by the feet... maybe we'll brush up on the mama skills, just in case.