Tuesday, March 04, 2008

on the bright side...

Last week, one by one, we all started getting some nasty cold and fever bug that Josh had. We're still not out of the woods but we've started to emerge a little from our hibernation. Here are some things that have brought a smile over the last week. Plenty of time to get lost in comfy blankets and stacks of good books:

My thoughtful friend who dropped off homemade bread and chicken soup as soon as she heard we were under the weather:

Baking yummy treats with the kids:

Naya's cuteness in my favorite apron:

The rain and other signs that it's March and Spring is just around the corner:

I could do without the fevers and runny noses but the extra time to read and paint and snuggle has been quite nice. If ya can't be healthy, at least be cozy.