Wednesday, April 16, 2008

bleeding heart

That is the name of these stunning flowers I couldn't resist, very fitting for these little beauties. While researching how to extend their life in the garden, I discovered that they are entirely poisonous. So we will be keeping Naya far from them since she has been known to suck on a stray dandelion now and again. We've been spending lots of time outside enjoying the longer hours of sunlight and the yard that Josh has been working on. He built a wall with the help of some very kind friends) added a stone ramp and brick patio. After I just happened to mention how lovely I thought it would be to lay outside at night watching stars with an arbor full of dangling lights and flowers, he drew up a sketch and built me one.

Some things I love lately:
the smell of wet soil, perfect breezes and full blossomed trees, garden lights, and bare feet, reading books out loud with Josh,listening to Naya mimic words and animal noises and...

of course strawberries and whipped cream,(apparently enough to make ya go cross-eyed.)