Monday, April 28, 2008

Sometimes there are days when being a mom is not all things rosy. There are days when no matter what you do, your kids just aren't happy. There are days when they fight and they go to time out for the same thing three times in a row. There are days when you are trying to teach your child to be patient and kind but you feel like being neither. Some days you're busy all day long but you can't find one thing to show for it, and you wonder why your mind can't stay in one direction for longer than ten seconds. There are days where your heart is heavy about things that you don't have time to let surface. There are days you realize that no matter how much you pour yourself out, you'll never be enough. There are days when you fantasize about having a few minutes to yourself to exercise, or go to the library, or go shopping. There are days when you vaguely remember what naps felt like. There are days when you realize you must be getting old because the stuff you used to blast from the cd player is being replaced with calming voices like Hem and Rosie Thomas because you can't handle the volume after the demands of kids all day long. On those days when the only time you're forced to be still is to nurse the one who doesn't talk or fight yet, you use those moments to cry cause you're worn out and dissappointed in yourself, but oh so thankful for grace and that you're not alone in this parenting thing.

Even on the those harder more exhausting days of parenting I'm reminded that there's no where in the world I'd rather be than with my sweet ones. In the midst of little hands always pawing at me and little voices always needing me, I rest in the joy and the blessing that they are and pray for grace to shepherd their hearts. And when her tiny hands reach up for mine I think on how rich these little people have made me and how thankful I am that one wiser and stronger than I, holds them.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

for the love of the earth

...for the beauty of our home, we are thankful.

Monday, April 21, 2008

there is ease and comfort in his presence, he loves children and is a favorite friend to lots of nieces and nephews, he is really good at anticipating needs, he's a hard worker, he's analytical and challenging, he lives his faith in quiet acts of servanthood to those around him, he has deep conviction but is also gentle, he's got a big heart and a big smile, and the boy can whistle like nobody's business.

The unique thing about siblings, of which I have been blessed four times over, is that they share your history, they carry the same sorrows and memories and laugh at the same things and are moved by the same things. There is just nothing like having best friends that you've loved since day one. Happy birthday baby brother.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

bleeding heart

That is the name of these stunning flowers I couldn't resist, very fitting for these little beauties. While researching how to extend their life in the garden, I discovered that they are entirely poisonous. So we will be keeping Naya far from them since she has been known to suck on a stray dandelion now and again. We've been spending lots of time outside enjoying the longer hours of sunlight and the yard that Josh has been working on. He built a wall with the help of some very kind friends) added a stone ramp and brick patio. After I just happened to mention how lovely I thought it would be to lay outside at night watching stars with an arbor full of dangling lights and flowers, he drew up a sketch and built me one.

Some things I love lately:
the smell of wet soil, perfect breezes and full blossomed trees, garden lights, and bare feet, reading books out loud with Josh,listening to Naya mimic words and animal noises and...

of course strawberries and whipped cream,(apparently enough to make ya go cross-eyed.)

Saturday, April 05, 2008

slumber party

The above photo is my sweet niece Dove. Our home has been in constant motion lately as we've been having some bonding time with the girls while their folks are out of town. My kids are loving the extended slumber party. We've had dance parties, outings to the aquarium, art projects, movies and stories.

And here is the lovely miss Meadow...