Friday, March 30, 2007

tiny treasures

This picture slipped out of a bookcase when I was cleaning yesterday and made me smile. It is me and my sister Amy in high school. We use to cat around together a lot in those days. She was boisterous, adventurous always laughing yet full of depth. She was kind of a tomboy and maybe a little bit of a rebel too. She never minded the little sister tagging along or at least she never made me feel that way. It made me stop a minute as I looked down at my flip flops and spit-up stained T-shirt how far away I felt from that snapshot now. It is awesome to have sisters to go from being girls, to women , to wives, to moms by each others side, to stop and think of how we've grown since then. Amy is calmer now and more reserved and has definitely left behind any remnants of the tomboy. She brightens my life on a regular basis. She's creative and has a knack for adding little touches of beauty to things. We are giving our newest sister, Aimee Riley a baby shower tomorrow (3:00 for anyone interested). And, well I just can't resist showing off these beautiful shower favors Amy put together. Amy is thoughtful and meticulous when she makes something. I think these are just delightful.