Thursday, August 16, 2007

my mama

I remember hiding in the back of the closet with my mom, we'd hear the screech of the school bus brakes and then my sisters footsteps through the front door. They'd open the door to hang up there coats and we'd jump out to their surprised screams and laughter. She was always doing some crazy thing to keep our household full of laughter. She was the kind of mom who stayed up after everyone else was asleep to bake cupcakes with pink gumdrops on top for me to take to school on my birthday. She was the kind of mom who could always tell if someone was down and knew just how to brighten their spirit. She was the kind of mom who, in our house of seven, was always the last one to eat and sit down. She was the kind of mom who always had time to read our favorite stories over and over, and she read books in a way no one else could. She made them come alive with her energy, humor and animation. She was a servant to us and to so many others. She was the person who told me about Jesus and showed me his love. She was always teaching, helping and loving. She poured out herself for us and still does across states and between 12 grandchildren. She is amazing with babies and children, she has the gift of being able to speak their language. Sometimes I watch her with my kids piled in her lap and I think of how blessed I am to have her. Birthday love for you today mama!