Wednesday, September 03, 2008


On Labor Day we decided to take a little day trip. I haven't left town all summer and lately I've been feeling the itch for something new; a change of scenery. Thinking of the days before bambinos, of spontaneous road trips and cheap motels, diners that smell like stale coffee and cigarettes, fields of flowers and perfect little off the road camp spots. I remember well Josh, on his back on a bed of pine needles strumming this song with only the wind in the trees accompanying, and the smell of fire and leaves in the air. Hmmm.. it's been too long. I want to be in the woods away from everything for awhile, soon hopefully. Okay, so it's slightly more work than it used to be, and instead of a backpack we need a wheelbarrow or u-haul to carry our gear. Maybe anyone that camps within a 5 mile radius is going to hate us when the cries of disoriented babies are echoing through the trees at 5 in the morning, but still so worth it, right?

Any way we took a little drive up to Harrison Bay State Park and mountain biked a lake side trail there, had a picnic and then went to the Ocee River and let the kids wade and watch the kayakers. It was so refreshing to feel the cold river water and to have whole day just to roam and play. I've still got a case of wanderlust at the moment, but the day felt so renewing that I'm really quite content to stay put and just daydream awhile. The day ended holding a naked little Naya, fresh out of the tub and smelling like milk and honey shampoo, limp and sleepy from her day's adventure. I kind of wanted to just hold her like that all night. We're hanging on to our summer days by a thread, what a good way to end this one.

Oh, and I'm still trying to decide what I want to do about the MP3. It seems I'll have to make a music website and link to that, so we'll see.