Friday, December 31, 2010

white christmas


Christmas morning we woke to a perfect blanket of snow the likes of which this area had not seen since 1965. The kids all pounced on our bed staring out the window. It was completely magical for them. Christmas was peaceful this year. We went back and forth from playing in the snow, to tea with friends, to playing new games and then dinner with my brothers little family and sitting around the fire with friends. By far my favorite part of the season though was those simple times spent in worship and anticipation with my little family. We spent most nights by the fire reading, singing and talking about the joy that is the incarnation, the hope He brought to our broken world. We collected catalogs full of Christmas presents for Jesus and let them choose which one they would work toward. This was the second year of this tradition started by Juden last year to help teach them that when we give to the "least of these" we are really giving to Jesus. Our hearts were full as we remembered the power of a baby inside a young girl who changed everything.