Sunday, November 05, 2006

<<< The Birthday of Susan Deborah Sumners Green>>>

So my Mom's B-Day is tomorrow (11/6).

Susan Green could be considered a movement or a phenomenon, as much as she could be a person. I'm quite sure that anyone reading this has known my Ma in one way or another. She is a woman that is like no other. When my Mom worked at Covenant College (something like 17 years) I was forced to share her with a community, as she was the mother away from home for many. These people that shared my Ma are what I still lovingly term "cult followers." This is an affectionate term, really.

Why were these cult followers drawn to Susan Green? The most obvious reason for those of us that know her is simply the comfort one feels in her presence. I can say this with conviction since I am her true son.

I don't want to drag on so I am just going to list 7 adjectives that describe my Mom for her birthday:

1. Selfless
2. Accepting
3. Comfortable
4. Cute
5. Optimistic
6. Patient
7. Bodacious

To conclude, I'd like to offer a small anecdote that sums up how grande my Mom is and how crappy I am.

When I was 14 or so and learning to play drums I was addicted to practice. The special thing about this was that we lived in a trailer (I was with all my drums on a lil room addition off the side of the trailer, still attached). During one of my marathon practice sessions drumming along with Rush or something my poor Mother wanted to take a nap. I don't know who she thought she was, really, trying to stop me from drumming! So in an angered frenzy I insisted she nap wearing target practice earmuffs, so as to not hinder my creative excellence. She wore them without a fight.

I still feel terrible about it, but I look back on thousands of scenarios (hopefully not as bad as the aforementioned) and thank God for the Mother I got.