Thursday, February 08, 2007


Here is our future snow-boarding champ. Actually thanks to Mimi and Granddad, Ella just got her new pair of Ponseti foot abduction braces. They maintain the correction of her club foot. She may need them for a couple more years, but she only has to wear them when she sleeps. She handles it really well, especially since now that she runs and climbs. They make her resort to a crawl although she has sure tried walking in them. In other news our family has been in a sickness funk. Josh had a fever for the better part of a week then I got a horrible stomach flu followed by both of the kids. At nine months pregnant it was a pretty rough time. I am so thankful for family and community (and you know who you are) who just stepped up with childcare and all the creature comforts chicken soup, Gatorade, jello, movies. It is so nice to be taken care of without even asking.

I was a little sad when I returned from my appointment with my midwife today because the girl is still in a posterior position which from what I can tell means I could either be in for a very difficult back labor or a c-section. I have been between 4.5 and 5 cm dilated and 80% effaced so I am really praying she turns. If you remember please pray for this, and if any of you mamas have any advice for getting her to turn let me know.

Needless to say between barfing kids and men working in our house and just sheer exhaustion I barely remembered that I turned 29 today. This evening as I sit I am so overwhelmed. As the day went on, cards and flowers and other little tokens poured in making the day very special and encouraging. Josh and I could not really go out as Juden is still recovering but it felt like a little in home date as Susan Green cooked us an exquisite meal and I even had a homemade birthday cake from Jen with candles and all. Thanks to all who poured out love on me, it could not have come at a better time.