Thursday, February 20, 2014

the shape of days

   There has been quite a bit of silence in this space so it seemed time to break it. February is our birthday-full month, so I have some catching up on posts to do but for now, a testament to the reason for less posts around here. Since I began homeschooling all of the kids, there are certain other things I have less time and energy for. I do miss the simple fleshing out, in a few sentences or photos, the stories of these days and how they thread together into months and years that are ever tumbling forward. Truth be told, there some days that are just hard, when I am not quite enough to go around or Harper needs more attention. I may or may not occasionally fantasize about a big yellow bus coming and the house being very quiet:)  But mostly I want to remain very present in this place and time that God has led me to. I love spending these days with all of my kids, starting our days cooking breakfast together and listening to Ella read our devotions. We are learning and growing together and it is good, not always easy, but good.  I am blessed that more than the bickering, which certainly comes, they are forming strong bonds with each other and that is a beautiful thing to watch. We had a trying day so yesterday we decided to have school at the Nature Center nearby.  Sometimes we just need to switch things up. We read, sketched, explored and drank in the air that hinted of spring. We listened to song birds and collected treasures. The wind, water and sky refreshed my spirit and helped me to really see my kids and join them in the wonder that comes with being small.