Wednesday, June 03, 2009

up to the sky

Some days he's Sir Jack. The day Uncle Keefers gave him a bow and arrow he was Robin which had certain advantages for me(Maid Marian) who got kisses when he was victorious. This day he was Peter of course saving Naya from pirates. We've jumped head long into summer around here and it feels good.
There is something entirely magical about the way little ones see things and it makes me sad to think of the day when I no longer have all these little people breathing freshness into my days.
After a night of big band music and fireworks for Memorial day, this conversation followed.
Mama- "What do you think that was?"
Juden- " I fink something from the planets spraying some fire that looked like a weeping willow tree."

Mama- "What is joy?"

"It's when you play and you're happy and bells ring inside you up to the sky."