Tuesday, May 26, 2009

ella rose

Today was a good day not to go anywhere. It was a good day to huddle on the porch and get sprayed by the heavy rain. It was a day made better by tea and little umbrella straws, paper thin poppy blooms, and lots of books.
It was a day filled with lots of good tunes, listening to this and this, oh and this for my girl. It was a day I wanted to soak up my girl in all of her 3-year-old-splendor. It was a day that it felt okay to let housework go and join the crew in the living room fort. It was a day that started with Ella insisting on "Laura Ingalls kind of pony tails." It was a day she wore no less than four different dresses. It was a day that I let myself doze off for a few minutes beside her. It was a day like any other with nothing particularly special, but a day I didn't want to end.