Friday, September 18, 2009

little dancer

Ella's tiny foot was the first thing I saw on her the day she was born. The nurses upon discovering her club foot whisked her away from my exhausted self to further examine her. As I waited expectantly to hold my baby girl all I could see was her tiny curled foot. Finally they brought this perfect little creature to me and it was love. It doesn't seem that long ago but suddenly I found myself strolling through the shoe shop to find the tiniest little ballet slippers for my big girl who is about to have her first dance class. So with Naya wailing because she wanted to be a dancer too, I fit Ella's shoes on her and she beamed with pride.

Ella brushing up on her Angelina the Ballerina skills.

Sunday, September 13, 2009


"So to all the secret writers,late-night painters, would be singers, lapsed and scared artists of every stripe, dig out your paintbrush,or your flute, or your dancing shoes. Pull out your camera or your computer or your pottery wheel. Today, tonight, after the kids are in bed or when your homework is done,or instead of one more video game or magazine, create something, anything.
Pick up a needle and thread, and stitch together something particular and honest and beautiful, because we need it. I need it.
Thank you, and keep going."
~Shauna Niequist~

I love this quote and it seems to fit well since this weekend was the Clothesline Art show. This happens once or twice a year to showcase and support local women artists. It is always held in peoples homes which gives it a relaxed,personal feel. I am always reminded of what a wonderful community of people I live among, unpretentious, laid-back, art-loving people. We went to the opening reception which was lovely with candles and wine and cheese and families filing through crowded rooms. I was happy to see the good turn out, but I had to go back the next day since I was so busy chatting all night that I didn't get to see everything. Every year I fall in love with a few pieces and this year was no different. The above piece is called Tenderly Speaking by Cat Collier. She has an amazing sense of color and texture and has done a beautiful series of trees. I don't think I'd seen her do a portrait before and found it so intriguing and emotive. Oh, how I would have loved to take Miss Tenderly Speaking home.

This circular piece was done by Jen Kring, my very own sister-in-law. She uses rich colors and patterned paper and covers them in thick beeswax leaving this goldeny weathered look. It's hard to capture the full beauty in pictures but you get the idea. She also does whimsical childrens' scenes on thick square wall hangings some of which I have in Naya's room.

This is a print of a larger painting by Katie Knutson. It's another favorite. I love the dark colors, broad strokes, and the yellow umbrella. When I look at it I feel like I can smell the puddled pavement of that city street. I can hear the soft sound of the rain falling and the subway rumbling below. I get drawn in to the story behind it and suddenly I'm there with some secret place to go on a stormy night.

photos by Maria Cardillo

work by Kelly Cardillo

The sheep above were done by Linda Thomas, another favorite. She does intaglio prints which are done by rolling ink over copper etchings like the one below. Her work is symbolic, detailed and soft looking and she had a series of trees and birds that I didn't get pictures of because many of them sold.

Apparently little miss Calliope was astounded by it all as well.
So here are a few of the faces behind the art. My hat is off to these ladies for the time and discipline, skill and spirit that goes into their art. Many of the them juggling several other roles, teachers and mothers of small children and still compelled to create. I 'm moved by what you do.
Thank you and keep going.

Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Tuesday, September 08, 2009

scenes from the weekend

Juden and I had a date at the art museum on Sunday afternoon.

He would skip around with his sketch book under his arm and pencils in his pocket inspecting, critiquing and drawing away. He cocked his head and set out to copy a painting with a man on an elephant in a parade.

I told him about paintings and watched him take it all in...and adored every second with him.

All in all a lovely day with my boy made even more special since Nana came too.

Wednesday, September 02, 2009

home and summer

Some days are made so much better by the love of a sister.

We have our good days and our bad days...but I like writing about the good ones.

We'll take every last drop of summer but I'm excited about the hint of Fall that was in the air the other morning.

Some things I love lately:
How this becomes perfectly acceptable attire with child # three.

The sweet scent of summer peaches.

Having a home full of people to love.

His evening prayer which said, "God you give us so much treasure, we want to give all the treasure back to you."
How God continues to teach me through a child's heart.

His smile when he walks through the door for the day right before he wraps his arms around me.