Wednesday, September 02, 2009

home and summer

Some days are made so much better by the love of a sister.

We have our good days and our bad days...but I like writing about the good ones.

We'll take every last drop of summer but I'm excited about the hint of Fall that was in the air the other morning.

Some things I love lately:
How this becomes perfectly acceptable attire with child # three.

The sweet scent of summer peaches.

Having a home full of people to love.

His evening prayer which said, "God you give us so much treasure, we want to give all the treasure back to you."
How God continues to teach me through a child's heart.

His smile when he walks through the door for the day right before he wraps his arms around me.


anna j said...

Goodness, Linda--your photography and your words never cease to take my breath away. Are your children the most photogenic little ones ever or is it your photographic skill? :-)
I was so excited to see your comment, to know that you have stepped foot in my little corner of blog-land! As for where I am, I've spent the summer in NH to be near my mom. I've been teaching French to little ones and working part-time for an Inn. And it has been so very good to be with my mama :-)
I'll be in and out of TN, though, starting later this month: can we be in touch about another girls' night out, perhaps?

Susan said...

The words of a David Wilcox song ran through my mind as I looked at your pictures -- "the taste of summer, in a ripened pear..." Love these wonderful photos - amazing how much older the kids look sometimes in photos! I hate to see summer fade, but I'm looking forward to autumn. We'll have to try to have another cookout while it's still warm enough to swim. Acorn Day is soon - September 21! Love you!

linda said...

Anna, sounds nice. I'm getting to be with my mom some right now too. Call us when you know when you will be here so we can get together.