Tuesday, March 30, 2010


I love having girls and I treasure these days that they prance around in a mess of clothes and tights and leotards saying,"Pud on the ba-wa-lay music Mama." This happens at least once daily. Nana sent a Baby Ballet DVD so we have "class" everyday although Ella has officially completed her first real class.It was so special for Ella to have something all her own.

Well, not completely on her own. She got to have class with Dove-bird whom she could barely stop holding hands with long enough to dance. I watched my girl dance across the floor with a bouncy style that was anything but graceful. Ballet can be so very structured and formal feeling but Ella had her explosive smile on the entire time.One of the first things people noticed about Ella when she was a baby was her amazing smile and how her whole face lit up.

You could tell she was loving it and I must say it was the most uninhibited and clumsily beautiful thing I'd ever seen. Every little ounce of her being was immersed in the joy of the movement and music, before any hint of insecurity or self-consciousness. So free and innocent, so very in the moment; oh that she will always stay there. I mean really, is there anything cuter than a row of itty bitty bums in leotards? Precious.