Monday, April 19, 2010

*4 Bridges*

I love my town. Yesterday was the 4 Bridges Art Festival and it was bursting with amazing art. I had a little date with Juden and these were our favorite picks. The above artist is Patricia DeLeon Alfonso and her work is pristine, whimsical and compelling. I loved it all, especially the umbrella oval piece. Juden loved the purple strand in her hair and made sure he told her that it was beautiful.
The work of Shaun LaRose was also a favorite...stunning breathtaking and powerful. He also makes furniture and incredible murals, one of which beautifies the main street area of our city giving it a bit more of an urban edge.

artist standing to the right

Juden's pick-Tim Hooper

It was a fun afternoon that made me love my city and feel inspired. We came home to this sight...not surprising after he got home at 4:30am from one of his four shows this week. Piggy-back swinging seems like a perfect way to spend a post-show tired Sunday afternoon.

Honestly we've had some stress this weekend, a stubborn stomach virus and tough school decisions. But worst was getting home from Josh's show Friday and finding that some mean person decided to make two pages worth of PlayStation purchases draining our entire bank account. But my, when you look at the good, there is always so much to be found. So much.

Dove turns 5

It's kind of funny the themes that kids want for their birthday parties. Dove -bird requested a wedding party and her mama didn't disappoint. She was remembering Aunt Trish's and Uncle Keith's wedding last summer and all the pretty dresses, flowers and dancing.

Dovey in her mama's veil and maybe a little flash forward to her real wedding day.

Gemma lookin' like a little fairy baby

Liberty showing me her fairy dust,"It can make you fly!"

little niece Sophia

So I asked the bride if she had any ideas for a groom yet. She smiled and said it was a secret. I thought this little fellow was looking pretty dapper though.
Eden and Eliot

Happy five Dove-bird.