Sunday, April 05, 2009


"Wealthy woman! Stand up and sing, already! The treasures in your house may loudly demand a lot of attention, but they are clustered around you like stars…"
~Rae the Journey Mama~

The other night Juden and Ella climbed up on Naya's crib wanting to sing to her instead of me, so with their feet between the bars hanging off the sides, the three of them sang the most beautifully off-key version of "Jesus Loves Me" I 've ever heard.

The other day I held Juden's hand as we walked and he said," I'm finkin about something, I'm happy to have a mom like you."

One morning I dragged myself out of bed and followed a trail a muddy foot prints to the door to find an excited little Ella in her rain boots and nightgown after planting daffodills and dandelions in my freshly planted vegatable garden as a surprise.

Ella has sprouted some butterfly wings and will go for days with-out hardly taking them off. I can't help but smile to watch her winged self bouncing around.
I awoke in the morning with his warm arm around me and what can you say when thankfulness doesn't come close.