Monday, March 28, 2011

sun flare

"Earth's crammed with heaven, and every common bush afire with God"
~Elizabeth Browning~

I love to catch some sun flare in pictures, transforming a normal picture into something a little bit magical. We finally were lucky enough to have a few moments of sun today after a thorough soaking for the last few days. It made these little friends very happy. Spring has been beautiful around here but if you blink you could miss it. First the pear blossoms and magnolias came and went and now the red bud and roses and wisteria are starting. They are more blessings to add to the multitudes that show me His love daily.

In the wake of the disaster in Japan this month, it's a harsh reminder that we are as fragile as a bloom in Spring, there one moment and gone the next. It's nothing short of heart breaking to watch from afar the devastation on this scale. Children that lost parents, families torn apart, businesses and homes and dreams swept away in moments. May our voices go up in collective prayer for those suffering. May we open our hearts to ask for mercy and provision for our Japanese brothers and sisters. It could be our family, it could be yours. So thankful that though the earth shakes and storms come, we never leave His hands.
I thought I'd share a video made by Aradhna whom we first met several years ago at Cornerstone festival. I love how their music leads me into worship even though it is not my language. There is something transcendent in their music. Here are some of the words in English...

"Blessed are the merciful for they will be shown mercy
Praise the name of the God of Liberation!
Sing my soul, Sing my soul
Those who are poor in this world
Blessed are they, blessed are they
For the kingdom of heaven is theirs
Blessed are they, blessed are they
Praise the name of God of Salvation!
Sing my soul, Sing my soul
They who mourn in this world, will have peace
The meek in this world, will rule
Blessed are the merciful for they will be shown mercy
Those whose hearts are pure in this world will see God
Those who make peace will be called the children of God
Praise, Praise, Praise, Praise
Our Father, who is in Heaven
Holy is your name
Your kingdom come your will be done on earth as it is in heaven