Sunday, June 21, 2009

to Ella

To my Bella girl who today turns 4:
You are my little shadow. You are somewhat quiet and don't demand a lot of attention but you love to be doing whatever I'm doing. As soon as I start to cook, you pull up a chair, you even like to help me clean. You love to feel like you have a job. You love to play in the dirt and every evening you are by my side to help in the garden, watering, pruning and you've perfected your own technique of finding clover blossoms and dandelions and carefully picking them and replanting them in all mommy's planters. You also love to play mommy to Naya and it melts me to see you pull her onto your lap and read to her since she is about the same size as you. You love to draw and paint and are very meticulous about it. Lately your thing is rabbits. I find them drawn on everything.
You are my most content one,you often quietly rattle off your favorite books to yourself. You've memorized them, even the intonations of my voice. You have some mad rhythm skills and for along time have beat boxed songs instead of singing the words which never ceases to crack up your daddy and me.You are very tender hearted and sensitive. You get hurt feelings easily but you forgive quickly. Lately, you are afraid of the dark so we hung fairy lanterns and butterfly lights in your room but the other night we found you nestled up next to Juden. He is very protective of you. You love music and are super girly. You're all about pink, tutus, dressing up, nail polish, and shoes...Lord have mercy, shoes. You would like to be doctor or a princess when you grow up; either would be fine with me. You are changing everyday and sometimes I wonder where this little bug went...

You like to have your goldeny hair done all different ways and are leaving all your toddlerness behind. Your smile really does light up the room just like your laugh. You are delightful in every sense of the word and I am so thankful for every day I get to me your mama. Happy birthday my big girl.