Saturday, July 14, 2012

Life has been full around here but I can't let a birthday go by with out a letter so here is one to my girl, who had a birthday a few weeks ago.
To Ella, Today you are seven. I can remember being seven. It's kind of the beginning of big- girlness, your eyes open a little wider to the world around you. This year you went from being with me every moment of every day to going to school. The first day was hard and there were tears but you did amazing. You love school and you have become braver and more confident. Everyday you would excitedly show me your work. You love reading and writing stories and letters. I find your precious written words strewn all around the house. You are losing teeth left and right and your smile is making you look so big.You are hilarious and wild and you love to dance.You are also quiet and thoughtful, observing everything around you. You love our baby ferociously, a little too ferociously. I get it. He is pretty irresistible. You'll make a good little mama some day. You're afraid of wind and storms but we're walking through the fears together. We pray against the fears and ask for trust. Lessons I am still trying to learn myself at 34, how to surrender and trust our good shepherd. The other day we baked Daddy some cookies and listened to music while the thunder rumbled outside. I could not get over how lucky I am to be your mama as I watched you hummimg in your little apron. Your birthday started with your breakfast date with daddy and ended with cake and a family party and presents. I can't wait to see what seven will hold for you. May our Jesus hold you tight in his arms and may you know everyday your worth as his precious daughter. Love, mama