Thursday, November 13, 2008

The Painting

So, it's not looking hopeful, at this point, that we will have the cd completed by Christmas. It is a time consuming project but one that I have so enjoyed. We've spent many nights in the attic studio. Sometimes I call it the nest because it is so high all you can see from the windows are the tree tops; a good place to create away from everyday distractions. We've spent many hours thinking through ideas and weaving together sounds and pieces of melodies and watching songs take shape like a mosaic with tiny specks of bright colors that finally form an image. Some nights we sip cheap wine and inspiration flows more quickly than we can bottle it, the music comes easily and the hours are swept away in the pleasant outflow of ideas. Other nights it is technical and tedious and hard to focus, but mostly incredibly fulfilling especially to be able to do this with Josh.
I thought I'd share a song from the cd which is almost done. It still needs an intro and some strings but it is mostly done. It is called The Painting. It is dear to me mostly because it ends with words my dad spoke to me almost every night before I went to sleep. You can listen to it by clicking here.