Saturday, June 13, 2009

around the world with meadow

Today my niece Meadow Eve turned 8.

So this beautiful sister set out to make her around-the-world birthday party wishes come true.

They each decorated these suitcases...

and got their passports stamped by this little Dove-bird.

Then off to a golden bamboo forest in China to a table laid with rice cookies, Litchi candies, fans and fortune cookies.

They tried to learn how to use chopsticks...

and had an origami lesson.

They proceeded to Africa and played African drums..

and learned African dance steps.

They traveled to a vineyard in France and had French sparkling lemonade and did their own fashion designs.

They visited South America and a few other countries before ending up back in the USA for some cake in the shape of a globe. It was so lovely to see how with a little attention to detail and a lot of imagination these little girls were taken all over the world without leaving their garden,

a day that Meadow will not soon forget.


katiek said...

that's so awesome, it makes me all teary!

Mom said...

how neat!!! so glad you were there, Linda to get these great photos to remember. Lot of work for Amy! the girls must have loved it!!!

Susan said...

Wow! I never knew turning 8 could be so exciting! What an incredible day for Meadow and all the girls. Amy needs to be a professional party planner - amazingly creative!

Anonymous said...

Um, is that Mrs. Sarah Cooper teaching dance????? :)


linda said...

Yes, she is a really good friend of Amy's. I guess you know her through Emma's dance stuff? She did a great job.

Kelly said...

Wow. It must have taken all year to plan the party. Everything looks so beautiful and put together. What a wonderful mom to go to such lengths. Thanks for inspiring.