Wednesday, June 17, 2009

blooms and sparklers and summer

I love how summer sometimes feels like one extended weekend. It's official their heads have lifted from the dirt. I watched the seeds form sprouts and then buds and now blooms and it's one of my favorite times of the day walking around inspecting the constant changes. The garden is lush and bursting with color and it's amazing how happy it makes me. But I'll post more about that later. I love the long sunny days and I feel myself letting some things go to drink in summer, for fear if I blink it will be over. Why does it feel like this endless world of possibility when you're little?

These summer days have spawned a very lax bed time which I'm okay with sometimes and sometimes I am definitely not okay with. This night we got all the kids tucked in and decided to sit outside and have some wine and chat while the stars came out. Josh started doing some sparkler tricks which got Juden's attention as he'd been peeking down at us from his bedroom window. Seconds later they were bursting through the screen door. "Their dropping stars on us", Ella said through giggles.


Susan said...

Summer nights are magical. Sleep can wait sometimes - these are days that you'll cherish forever! Love, Mimi

Christine said...

What a beautiful post! I could feel the summer air as I was reading it. Very whimsical too!

Cindy said...

You and Josh are making wonderful memories for your kiddos! One of my husband's favorite childhood memories was when he was small his parents woke him up and took just him (#3 of 4 kids) to a movie with them. I'm sure this will be one of many happy memories for your children.