Tuesday, April 21, 2009


Naya has always had a shoe fetish. So I wonder why I have the shoe shelf in the kitchen with endless possibilities to be tried on all day long. She has new favorites, and they are gold, and they have beads. How's a girl to resist? Tonight she insisted on going to sleep like this...

hmm, should I be worried?


Amy said...

You are a sweet mom to let your girl snuggle up with her favorite shoes ... and not lecture about the places those shoes have been and what dirty things they may have stepped on.

I have a few who love shoes too.

jen said...

This image of Naya and her shoes warms my little heart... I guess a girls love for shoes starts early, eh!!!

Kelly said...

So funny. One of our first conversations with Aida went like this.

Aida: "mo"
Mom: More what, Aida?
Aida: Shoes.

(Posted by Tom)