Thursday, June 26, 2008

little happinesses

These are some things that made me happy today: Naya's little punk hair and her fascination with "shoe-shoes," as she calls them. She insisted on wearing these and this coat for hours. I mean, can you blame her, there is glitter on those toes.

The handy work of this little artist. And his bedtime prayer that went like this, "Dear Jesus, Thank you for Marlow with her beautiful long hair. Please,help me to obey and thank you for ice cream too. Amen."

Small glimpses of the master Artist.


Susan said...

Ah, these wonderful little people - how blessed we are. Beautiful pictures of beautiful little faces. Ella's 3rd birthday party was much fun and it was so good to be with everyone. Love you, Mimi

osh kosh baloche said...

linda, i have to ask. what kind of camera do you have? your pictures are incredible!

linda said...

Thanks Shana,
I have a Canon Powershot A610 that is just a basic very affordable digital camera. It's easy to use and small enough to take anywhere. I love it. Josh and some friends went in together to buy me a better camera for my birthday which is a Canon Rebel XTi. This is a pretty expensive camera and a good start if you're into photography. It has more features, and pictures I've posted with higher clarity and quality where probably taken with the Rebel. I've had the Rebel since Feb, so all pictures prior were from the Powershot. Hope that helps.