Wednesday, July 11, 2007

wednesday green


I came upon a friend's (Cat) blog today that is doing some kind of week in color, celebrating a different color each day. Wednesday is green and I felt just so inspired I had to join in. I'm happy the world's not in black and white. I'm definitely a fan of color and how could I possibly pass up green? So here's to green in all it's lushness and vibrancy, it's serenity, it's spring and summer aliveness. Ah, beautiful green.


dopeattic said...

horray linda!!! your photos are absolutely beautiful*** i love celebrating color and it's so fitting that you joined in on the green!!!
btw*linking is super easy! there is a icon at the top of your "posting" or "create" a post (compose) that is like a green head looking shape with teeth. in another browser you would want to open my blog, click on my blog link in the address bar and copy. when you've typed out my name, highlight my name in your post, then go to the green head and click on it, paste my blog link into the html space and click okay. you should mosdef explore and experiment. thanks:)

Susan said...! What fun to celebrate color. This reminds me of something that g.k. chesteron said - he was talking about grass and how God could've made it purple if he'd wanted to and how all the "laws" of nature aren't really laws at all because God could change them at any time. I'm glad that we see in color, too - like Ella's blue eyes, Juden's hazel, Lavendar and Naya's deep brown. And like you, I'm glad for all the beautiful shades of green. Love,Mimi

Mom said...

This is really nice. I am a little green (with envy). Wish I had had a little of your photography skills to capture forever glimpses of 5 little Rileys" childhoods.

linda said...

Thanks for the help Cat, I'll see if I can do it and also for a super fun idea with color week!

Karen said...

What beautiful pictures... I love seeing your world through your eyes.