Monday, July 02, 2007

Summer nights

We were enjoying a lazy evening at my sisters house not too long ago, like so many I remember with hammocks and fireflies and kids damp and grubby from playing outside all day. Ella was sporting her new blue birthday Crocs from Mimi and when little Dove spotted them a battle of the miniature wood nymph fairies ensued.

They scurried around the grass, Ella with a one shoe limp, tossing back and forth adamant cries of "mine".

Dove-bird emerges victorious.

And Ella Bella makes a slow retreat.


Susan said...

What beautiful little wood nymphs! I loved the picture story! I am enjoying summer so much and hope that days can be savored and not slip away from us too quickly. Love, Mimi

Anonymous said...

That is terrifying how much Dove looks like Beth in a couple of those.