Tuesday, April 17, 2012

some simple joys

Inspired by Christine over at Dreams of Simple Life... I decided to share a few joys in my day. Life is tragic and messy, heart breaking and achingly beautiful. It's good for my soul to pause and notice, to collect time and say thank you...over and over again.

A few uninterrupted moments, for words and remembering.

The scent of raindrops on honeysuckle...heaven.

My girl, always prepared for the rain.

After dinner walks and mourning dove sounds.

looking up and seeing this, unprompted...

What's bringing you joy in the midst of your storms?


ASR said...


Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

Those boots make the photo even more awesome!
Little things--tulips in bloom, 3 sons who play together without fighting (much), a good book to read.

Susan said...

What a joy to see these photos, feel deep joy in the lovely things you shared, and know how blessed I am by all the beautiful things in my world. Thanks, Linda!

Christine said...

Mmmm the smell of honeysuckle :) Love that Nikki McClure book, I have it too for Luci Belle. I think it's time for another "simple joys" post!