Friday, September 09, 2011

baby pants

A few people have asked me about Harper's pants so here is the info. I first discovered them over at Soule Mama's blog. The pattern is actually from Anna Marie Horner's book, Handmade Beginnings. My friend made the first blue pair as a gift for Harper. She also has the book so I made the tree ones with her. I love the colors and they're perfect for Fall. I LOVE these pants. They're soft and comfortable. They are reversible and they can kind of grow with the child by being cuffed or not cuffed. I'd put him in these every day if I had enough. It's all about the butt panel:)

Alewives, has a beautiful selection of fabrics but this fabric is from Quilt Home. They have a different designer on sale all the time so the prices are better and the selection is great.

You can click on the underlined words above or here are the websites~
Soule Mama blog ~
Anna Marie Horner's Handmade Beginnings~
Quilt Home~

(made by Laura)


Christine said...

There is so much cuteness in this post that I'm speechless!

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

Those pants are cute enough to make me want another baby!